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About Us

Ironbound Technologies is a cooperative of highly experienced computer and telecommunication professionals.

We provide consulting services to small and large corporations; we advise our clients on Internet strategies and help them to establish and maintain a profitable presence on the Internet. We offer a full range of application development and documentation services in addition to usability analysis and systems engineering.

We know computers, networking, and the Internet; and we understand how people interact with computers and with information systems. We also enjoy challenges and we work hard to find the right solution for each of our clients.

Jonathan Okin is the president of Ironbound Technologies, Inc. Prior to creating Ironbound Technologies in 2001, Jonathan was Senior Director of Software Engineering and Development at Linkshare Corporation in New York City. Jonathan also worked for fifteen years as an independent technology consultant for clients that included AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Unix International, and the Open Software Foundation. He is the author of three books on the history and technology of the Internet:
  • The Internet Revolution: The Not-For-Dummies Guide to the History, Technology, and Use of the Internet
  • The Information Revolution: The Not-For-Dummies Guide to the History, Technology, and Use of the World Wide Web
  • The Technology Revolution: The Not-For-Dummies Guide to the Impact, Perils, and Promise of the Internet
The offices of Ironbound Technologies are located at:

   357 Main Street
   Winter Harbor, ME 04693